It’s our birthday, y’all! #loveforhg has been an official non-profit for one whole year! Over the past 365 days there have been LOTS of tears, but so much MORE love! I am beyond honored to be able to share my baby and our story with so many others. It is because of her, her love, and her unwavering faith that I sought to create this organization. I could have never imagined what this could be, and yet what it continues to become. The people, the support, and the LIGHT that has come from such a dark place is nothing short of amazing! I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough! It’s hard to say this, but I look forward to the future. I look forward to helping others, building relationships, and growing our support(s). I rounded out this afternoon with a group of lovely ladies discussing how to expand #loveforhg and increase our outreach options for the children’s hospital, and of course there was cake! 😉 There are some exciting things in the works! Be sure to stay in touch and come party for a purpose at our second annual gala in August!

I love you Harper Grey! I hope I make you half as proud as you continue to make me, each and every day! 

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Blessings in Disguise 

As I’m sitting in my car, waiting to go to yet another appointment to help me in the grieving process, I get a call. There’s been an accident and a young girl has passed away unexpectedly. I never thought in a million years that A) I would lose my beloved Harper Grey, and B) that I would now be a resource to others that unfortunately experience a similar loss. What a blessing in disguise this has turned out to be. The loss of my baby, enabling me to help others. Still sounds a little backwards when I actually say it out loud, but always brings back painful memories. Memories that will now be a part of someone else’s life too. I don’t really know what to say when people approach me for help. Akward is an understatement yet probably not the best term either, but it is…akward. I want to help, I feel the need to help, but what I want most is to scoop these families up and just squeeze them. I want them to know of Harper’s faith and her beliefs without sounding condescending. It is because of her that I am able to view any of this as a blessing. She being my blessing. There’s no doubt that there is pain involved and will be a part of their future. However, I’d like to lessen that in any way I can. So, for now, please pray. Pray for comfort. Pray for calm. In my experience, peace is something that will come on it’s own, but pray that they will find it when they are ready. In the meantime, please pray that not only #loveforhg, but many others will assist in helping these families see that light that will soon be shed through so much love.  #justpray #blessingsindisquise #lossawareness 

First, but definitely NOT last!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but today was a BIG day! Today we were able to finally deliver our donation to the Children’s Hospital. We held our first annual gala in August, and all of the proceeds raised were designated to help fund the bereavement needs of the Child Life department at the James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital at Vidant Medical Center. This is our first monetary donation, and because of everyone that has supported this initiative, we were able to give $3,000.00! I continue to be blown away by the support of our community. I appreciate it more than I’ll ever be able to truly express, and I look forward to being able to do this again! Thank you so much, and be on the lookout for information about gala number two!!!  😉

Ice, ice baby!

So, it is H-O-T! And what better way to cool off than with a popsicle?! These little guys were dropped off to some of my favorite guys out at Pinewood Memorial today. They are outside in all of the elements, and my usual biscuit or doughnuts and coffee just didn’t seem right in all of this heat. So, I asked what they used to cool off with and voila! Have you done something nice for someone just because you wanted to?  #loveforhg #oldschoolpopsicledoesthetrick 

Color Me Happy!


Well, today #loveforhg delivered over 500 Play Packs to the Children’s Hospital at Vidant Medical Center! Thank you for all of your help and support! A special thanks to our local Michael’s Craft Store and Salon Circa for being drop off locations. We got to see some sweet kids and it put a smile on their face (and our’s) as well!  🙂  This is only the beginning, and we’re looking forward to doing so much more! Don’t you want to join?! #loveforhg #hollaforadolla #colordrive

The Wait is Over!!!


Attention #loveforhg followers! We have some very EXCITING news to share! Not long ago, I posted a spoiler alert. It was the top portion of THIS: an invitation to our first annual gala! We are over the moon excited to be working with Community Foundation of NC East (formerly Greater Greenville Community Foundation) and Rock Springs, to be hosting this event. We are planning on having a night of fun with raffles, silent auctions, food, and spirits to help bring awareness and support to child loss and bereavement in our local community! We would love for you to attend! It will be August 5th, from 7pm-11pm. Tickets are $65/single and $100/couple. Each ticket includes dinner and two beverages per person. This is a black tie event! Tickets are LIMITED and FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! You MUST PAY at the TIME OF ORDERING your ticket in order to guarantee your seat(s). You will need your ticket for check-in. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but are looking forward to your attendance. All monies raised will benefit the Children’s Hospital at Vidant Medical Center. Please contact me, or a board member for more information. Come have some fun and help #loveforhg shine it’s light where there is SO much love! #loveforhg #partyforapurpose

Holla for a dolla!


Alright, y’all! These little guys are a $1.00 and provide endless amounts of entertainment for little ones. I mean, what’s better than a coloring book, crayons, AND stickers?! Not to mention they’re conveniently packaged and appeal to a variety of children!

Help #loveforhg in their first ever ‘color drive’ and provide some free entertainment for children while they visit the Children’s Hospital or Children’s ED. These are easy to clean up after their stay, they can take them with them when they go, and help ease both the child and their family while they are here. Won’t you help us? They are located at a variety of stores, such as Dollar Tree and Michael’s. Thanks in advance for your help! Contact #loveforhg for pick-up arrangements. #hollaforadolla #colordrive #freefunforthem

Your Wardrobe Just Got THAT Much Better!


Breaking News!!! These bad boys are in, but need to be sorted, counted, and tagged for their rightful owners. We are super excited to share these with the world (or just Greenville and surrounding areas)! Please be patient while we get everything figured out, but we plan to begin dispersing first thing next week! Thanks again to all that supported our first fundraising endeavor. It was a HUGE success, and I am beyond excited to see #loveforhg represented in the community!  🙂

Officially “Official”

wp-1464205362273.jpgWell, the cat’s out of the bag! I signed on the dotted line to make #loveforhg an official non-profit organization through partnering with Community Foundation of NC East (formerly Greater Greenville Community Foundation). I am super excited for all of the great things ahead! While I don’t want to be doing this AT ALL, I consider myself very honored to be helping those who have been and unfortunately will be in my shoes. #loveforhg is proud to support Child Loss and Bereavement in the Greenville area. While it is a very serious and rather sad topic, I want to make sure we bring positive awareness and shed a little bit of light where there is SO much love!

Let’s celebrate! Are you up for the challenge?

From time to time I get the urge to do something nice for someone just because. Not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to. I totally get this from my sweet Harper Grey! She has the kindest, sweetest heart, and I know she’s looking down and helping me continue to spread a little bit of love. In honor of her, on her birthday, I asked my friends to help spread the word of doing a good/kind deed. Well, I don’t want that to only happen one day a year. So, I’m challenging you to choose a day, any day, and celebrate! Do something nice for someone…only because you WANT to!


Today I felt like sharing a little bit of love with her preschool, so I bought the entire staff lunch including dessert. Because who doesn’t love dessert, right? Maybe Fridays will be my day to celebrate and engage in a random act of kindness. What day will you choose?  #loveforhg #justbecause #letscelebrate #anydayyouchoose